Who we are

French National Institute for Agricultural Research

INRA is Europe’s top agricultural research institute and the world’s number two centre for the agricultural sciences. Its scientists are working towards solutions for society’s major challenges.   


Chercheurs dans un champ de céréales.. © INRA, Sophie Formisano
Chercheurs dans un champ de céréales. © INRA, Sophie Formisano


Our job:

to explore, understand, experiment and think ahead


Our goal:

to give people freedom of choice and the ability to innovate


Our specialties:

Food, nutrition, agriculture and the environment


Our focal issues:

Competitiveness, regional land use, health, sustainable development and bioeconomy

05 Jun 2019
15 Apr 2019
15 Apr 2019

SeqOccIn: expertise in sequencing of long DNA fragments

The SeqOccIn (Sequencing Occitanie Innovation) project, supported by Genotoul's INRA platforms GeT-PlaGe (Genome and Transcriptome platform) and Bioinfo (Bioinformatics Platform), has been selected by the Occitanie Region for ERDF funding. This project, which also involves 4 INRA laboratories and 14 companies, is mainly oriented towards the development of advanced expertise in the use of different sequencing technologies, particularly those allowing the sequencing of long DNA fragments into single molecules.