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28 - 29 Jun 2017

European workshop on bioeconomy

Workshop organized by INRA and IRSTEA, in association with the French Ministries of Research and Agriculture.

Updated on 05/10/2017
Published on 02/22/2017

Bioeconomy is on the agenda of many research policies. Following other European countries, including Spain and Italy in 2016, the French bioeconomy strategy was published by the French Government on 18 January 2017. The translation into action plans is under study, with strong expectations from the Ministry of Research. The H2020 Bioeconomy Programme is also under revision: John Bell, Director of Bioeconomics at DG Research and Innovation, expects proposals to revisit the previous framework of the bioeconomy and to establish new lines of research.

A European bioeconomy workshop in 2017 seemed timely. It will be organized in four sessions:

  1. Bring together, overcome compartmentalization and co-build a system approach
  2. Accompany players on the paths to transition
  3. Identify, organize and add value to the scales of the territory
  4. Measure, analyze and improve the implementation of the bioeconomy

Organizing committee: Monique Axelos, Michel Beckert, Paul Colonna, Catherine Esnouf, Benedicte Herbinet, Julien Dugue, Egizio Valceschini.

Programme and Registration