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27 Jun 2019

Digital transition foresight study

The digital transition and how it will affect research and higher education in agriculture, environment, food and veterinary sciences through to 2040

The digital transition is changing the face of research and education. In light of the myriad of questions and future scenarios this raises, INRA and Agreenium joined forces to carry out a foresight study that puts plausible options on the table for higher education and research. The goal of the study, steered by DEPE, INRA’s Delegation for Collective Scientific Expertise, Foresight and Advanced Studies, is to anticipate the impact the digital transition will have on research and higher education in the years to come.  

Updated on 06/26/2019
Published on 02/22/2019

Thursday 27 June 2019

292 rue Saint-Martin
75003 Paris

The digital transition is a gamechanger in all sectors of activity. It is re-shaping practices, relationships between players, and the organisation of higher education, training and research, heralding major change. Will the academic world seize upon new technology and novel ways of working as opportunities, or merely cope? Transformations already underway and the sense that change is happening fast generate different images of the future, ranging from the stereotypical and fantastical to the plausible.

The first part of the symposium will present possible scenarios for the future of higher education and research. The second part will focus on the challenges and strategic consequences when it comes to evolving institutions, training and research practices, technological dimensions and their uses, and relationships with the world outside academia that are relevant to institutions.

You will be able to follow the colloquium via streaming and ask questions in real time.

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Other contact(s):
Laurence Touati-Guesdon