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CIRAD, IRD, AGREENIUM, FAO and INRA sign research agreement

On February 15 and 16, 2018, representatives from CIRAD, IRD, AGREENIUM, FAO and INRA met in Rome. The objective: joining research forces to meet UN sustainable development goals.

On February 15 and 16, 2018, representatives from CIRAD, IRD, AGREENIUM, FAO and INRA met in Rome
Updated on 04/17/2018
Published on 02/16/2018

The five organisations signed a four-year agreement (2018–2021) that will facilitate collaborative research across five axes:

  1. Creating innovative sustainable agricultural systems equipped to deal with climate change; focus will be placed on agroecology; the sustainable exploitation and management of natural resources (e.g., biodiversity, genetic resources, soil, water); and all types of agricultural innovation (technological and non technological)
  2. Creating healthy and sustainable food systems that enhance food security; focus will be placed on improved nutrition, increased food health and safety, and reduced post-harvest losses and waste
  3. Limiting health risks, notably by improving plant and animal health (“One Health” policy)
  4. Encouraging sustainable regional development in a way that encourages rural job creation; addresses the rural exodus; generates roles for young people and women in local development; tackles industry-based versus region-based strategies for sustainable development; examines regional landscape patterns and land use planning; facilitates structural changes in agricultural models; and bolsters model co-existence
  5. Conducting futures studies on and finding funding for FAO themes of focus related to SDGs

The agreement established a plan of action for making advances in the 5 above areas via 15 different projects. It also specified a framework for organisational cooperation, coordination, and progress monitoring.