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The European Initiative FACCE-JPI launches a Knowledge Hub

On 11 April 2012, FACCE-JPI announced the approval for funding of its first joint action. This action brings together 67 research groups from 17 countries and aims to improve the characterisation of European food security due to climate change and to enhance adaptation capacity through improvements in modeling of impacts of climate change. This ambitious project has estimated total costs of around €15 million.

Updated on 01/30/2013
Published on 04/23/2012

FACCE-JPI, which was adopted in October 2010 for launching by the European Council, aims to address the challenge of providing sufficient high quality food through sustainable agriculture in the context of climate change and involves twenty one European countries overall. This initiative was established to enhance European research capacity in the light of the projected increase of world population to about 9 billion people by the mid-century along with an increasing demand for food, feed, fibre and bio-fuels, all in a context a changing climate and under a more stringent environmental regulation.

The FACCE-JPI Scientific Research Agenda defines 5 core research themes to address these challenges. In this context, it was decided to launch a pilot action in July 2011 entitled “A detailed climate change risk assessment for European agriculture and food security”. It will address the modeling of impacts of climate change on European agriculture and food security and the reduction of uncertainties in climate change scenarios. An innovative, tailor-made instrument, a “Knowledge Hub”, was developed by the FACCE-JPI, associating 3 complementary dimensions: networking, research and capacity building. All participating research groups, which were selected at the national level, including 10 INRA teams, worked together to submit one proposal which includes 3 coordinated and integrated networks on 1) crops 2) grasslands and livestock and 3) economics and trade and has developed a joint research plan.

The Knowledge Hub was positively reviewed by an independent panel of outstanding scientists from the field. The FACCE-JPI Governing Board are thus pleased to announce the launch of the Knowledge Hub, FACCE MACSUR, which will start in June 2012 for 3 years with the possibility to be extended a further 2 years. Further information is available on the FACCE-JPI website: www.faccejpi.com.