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François Houllier with François Hollande in Canada

François Houiller, President of INRA and AllEnvi (National Research Alliance for the Environment) was part of the official delegation for the French President's State Visit to Canada on 2-4 November.

Francois Hollande and the presidential delegation as they get off the plane at Calgary airport (Canada) on Sunday 2 November © Elysée
Updated on 11/04/2014
Published on 11/03/2014

François Houllier, President of INRA and AllEnvi (National Research Alliance for the Environment) accompanied the French President, François Hollande, and the Minister of Education, Higher Education and Research, Najat Vallaud-Belkacem, for the President's State Visit to Canada (the first in 27 years) from Sunday 2 to Tuesday 4 November.  During the four major stages of this trip (from Calgary to Montreal via Banff and Ottawa) which focused on research and innovation, members of the delegation participated in several round table discussions and official meetings and signed numerous agreements on cooperation.

Two speeches by François Houllier

On 2 November, during a round table on Research and Innovation, François Houillier spoke about "cleantechs" (eco-innovations) and potential collaborations in this field with the western regions of Canada.  These discussions were followed by signature of an agreement between the technology transfer acceleration company AxLR (Languedoc-Roussillon) and Tecterra, the Canadian Centre of Excellence for Commercialisation and Research.  On 3 November, delegation members met with the Governor General of Canada in the presence of the French President.  On this occasion, François Houllier spoke on the theme of new mechanisms for research and innovation, before signing several agreements between Campus France, CNRS, CNES (the National Centre for Space Studies), the universities of West Brittany and Lyon-I, and their Canadian counterparts.

Agreement between INRA's LIA and Université Laval

In the evening, at Château Frontenac in the Province of Quebec, the signature of several agreements was organised in the presence of Najat Vallaud-Belkacem, including one between INRA's LIA (International Associated Laboratory), represented by François Houllier, Bordeaux University and Polytechnic Institute, and Université Laval.  The French President's visit concluded on Tuesday 4 November with a working meeting on Arctic ecosystems.