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"Make our Planet Great Again" is supporting agricultural research!

Launched in June this year by the French President Emmanuel Macron, the "Make our Planet Great Again" initiative has the ambitious goal to host around 50 high-achieving scientists in research laboratories across France over a five-year period. The program has been awarded 60 million euros and INRA is one of the participating research institutes.

Maple tree. © INRA, COLLEU Sylvie
Updated on 08/29/2017
Published on 08/24/2017

INRA has multiple laboratories that address the eligible scientific domains covered by this program, which include:

  • climate change: monitoring, understanding, modeling and simulation, mitigation and social consequences;
  • terrestrial systems: observation and preservation of the environment and ecosystems;
  • energy transition: renewable energies, innovative zero carbon energy sources, energy storage, smart energy management systems, hydrogen vector, carbon storage, electrification of vehicles as well as human and social sciences to understand, accompany or open options for energy transition;
  • humanities and social sciences: to understand, support or expand the choices for energy transition.

The "Make Our Planet Great Again" program is aimed at international researchers, in particular those based in America. Scientists must submit a project designed in collaboration with a French laboratory, which will be evaluated according to international standards. The selected scientist will receive funding to create a research team to work on their project in France. The process of project evaluation and selection is currently underway.
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