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Launch of the European research network SUSFOOD: towards sustainable food production and consumption

INRA is coordinating a new European ERA-Net, SUSFOOD, on Sustainable Food Production and Consumption. This programme involves 25 partners from 16 European countries. Its strategic goal is to reinforce the scientific cooperation between EU Member and Associated States in order to maximize the contribution of research to the development of more sustainable food systems from farm to fork.

Divers aliments - tomates - oeufs - céréales -  VIANDE 
Atelier de fabrication des aliments à Nantes.
Super marché rayon  VIANDE  en barquette. (Client : Christophe Rocle)
By Nicole Ladet, translated by Christine Young
Updated on 03/06/2013
Published on 01/27/2012

The ERA-Net SUSFOOD is a further step after the INRA-CIRAD foresight study duALIne on sustainable food systems in developed and developing countries and the ANR programme Sustainable Food Systems (Alid). The other French partners are the ANR (French National Research Agency) and ACTIA (Association de Coordination Technique pour l’Industrie Agro-alimentaire, food network expertise), with support from the French Ministries for Research and Agriculture.

Launched on 27 January 2012, the SUSFOOD Programme will last for 3 years and implement 2 transnational calls. The scientific coordinator is Béatrice Darcy-Vrillon, INRA.

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  • Era-Net: the Era-Net programmes are coordination and support actions that aim at stepping up the cooperation and coordination of research activities carried out at national or regional level in the Member States and Associated States.