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Our collaborations with Germany

Updated on 04/23/2019
Published on 12/14/2007

Main agreements

In addition to research projects undertaken within the framework of the European Research and Innovation (R&I) programs, INRA collaborates with German research institutions across INRA’s five priority thematic areas, facilitated by the official agreements listed below:

Institutions Category of Agreements
TUM (Université Technique de Munich) Cooperation Agreement
WGL Leibniz Gemeinschaft Letter of Intention
WGL Leibniz  Gemeinschaft Memorandum of Understanding

Scientific co-publications

The complete list of INRA’s publications with Germany can be found in the ProdInra database.
During the period 2014 - 2017, INRA co-authored 1 332 publications in peer reviewed journals with Germany, therefore Germany is ranked as the 3rd highest partner country for INRA (source: Web of ScienceTM Clarivate Analytics).
The main research institutions that co-publish with INRA are listed below. 

 Main Institutions  Co-publications WoSTM 2014-2017
Helmholtz Assoc - DE 217
Max Planck Soc - DE 201
Leibniz Assoc - DE 175
Univ Gottingen - DE 104
Tech Univ Munich - DE 87
Univ Freiburg - DE 77
Univ Bonn - DE 70
DFG German Res Fdn - DE 57
Univ Hohenheim - DE 46
Univ Munich - DE 40
JKI Julius Kuhn Inst - DE 38
Univ Tubingen - DE 36
Univ Wurzburg - DE 35
TI Johann Heinrich von Thunen Inst - DE 34
Univ Halle Wittenberg - DE 32
 Web of ScienceTM Clarivate Analytics – Inra 2014-2017* - Inra DIST and UMA-RI processing – march 2019 (year 2017 incomplete)

Main co-publishing INRA research units are mentionned below.

INRA Research Units INRA Centre Co-publications WoSTM 2014-2017
BIOGECO - Biodiversity, Genes and Communities Nouvelle-Aquitaine-Bordeaux 57
Agroecology Bourgogne-Franche-Comté 49
IJPB – Institut Jean-Pierre Bourguin Versailles-Grignon 47
EEF – Forest Ecology and Ecophysiology Grand Est-Nancy 45
AGIR - AGroecologies, Innovations, Ruralities Occitanie-Toulouse 39
MICALIS Institute Jouy-en-Josas 37
AE – Bees and Environment Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur 32
ISP - Infectiology and Public Health Val de Loire 32
LPCV - Cell & Plant Physiology Laboratory Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes 31
ISPA - Atmosphere Plant Soil Interactions Nouvelle-Aquitaine-Bordeaux 30
 Web of ScienceTM Clarivate Analytics – Inra 2014-2017* - Inra DIST and UMA-RI processing – march 2019 (year 2017 incomplete)