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Collective scientific expert reports - Informing public decision-making. © Fotolia, Trevor Slauenwhite

Collective scientific expert reports: informing public decision-making

Updated on 08/06/2013
Published on 04/01/2008

Collective scientific expert reports (ESCo) are designed to answer a question posed by an external sponsor by determining – based on the global bibliography – an inventory of scientific knowledge which reflects the data acquired and the uncertainties, deficiencies and controversies that remain.  Conduct of this analysis is entrusted to a multidisciplinary community of experts.

Any collective scientific expert report supposes joint review of the question posed by both the sponsor and the research organisation(s) responsible for coordinating the project, which leads to the compilation of a mission statement.

The expert study itself involves a series of plenary meetings of the expert group, and concludes with:

  • the production of a report that contains all contributions from the different experts involved;
  • and the compilation of a summary, intended notably for decision-makers.

Handover of this summary to the sponsor may provide an opportunity for a symposium that is open to a broader public.