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Professional Ethics Charter. © INRA

Ethics Charter

Professional Ethics Charter. © INRA

Professional Ethics Charter

INRA’s professional ethics charter provides a broad overview and outlines the principles to which every staff member makes a personal commitment in the tasks entrusted to him or her.

Updated on 08/05/2015
Published on 12/17/2013

The professional ethics charter is part of an on-going process to improve professional practices. It is endorsed by INRA’s general management and applies to each and every staff member, including those on temporary work contracts. Indeed, the Institute is committed to making all employees aware of ethical guidelines.

The professional ethics charter is based on a set of laws, regulations or institutional guidelines which govern the professional activity of all staff.  The central texts that make up the framework of the charter, designed to promote the individual responsibility of each employee, include: French law n°83-634 amended 13 July 1983 on the rights and responsibilities of civil servants; the Code of research; the Code of education; the European charter for researchers (11 March 2005); and the Singapore statement on research integrity (2010)1. By putting the professional ethics charter into practice across the board, both at individual and collective levels, INRA continues to work toward strengthening the bond of trust between the Institute and society.

1. http://www.singaporestatement.org/downloads/singpore%20statement_A4size.pdf