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Training future scientists

Training future scientists. © INRA
Training future scientists © INRA

INRA has encouraged ties between institutions of higher education and agricultural, veterinary, and forest science research centres; the results of these collaborative efforts are disseminated worldwide

  • IAVFF (French Institute for Agricultural, Forestry and Veterinary Sciences)

The institute has forged relationships with institutions of higher education

  • Idex Paris Saclay
  • Idex Toulouse
  • Idex Bordeaux (as a partner)

It encourages research mobility and international collaborations

  • 5 International Associated Laboratories and 1 International Associated Network
  • Each year, INRA welcomes more than 1,800 PhD students (from France and abroad), as well as the equivalent of more than 130 full-time teacher-researchers

It spans 11 metadisciplines. The top 3 are

  • Population biology/Ecology
  • Medical Sciences, Veterinary Sciences, Physiology, and Nutrition
  • Molecular Biology and Genomics

INRA promotes ethical behaviour

  • Opinion 6 of the Ethics Committee

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Tripode. © INRA
Tripode © INRA

INRA cooperates with higher education establishments to host and train future researchers.

Updated on 10/26/2018
Published on 04/01/2012