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Quality policy

By Nicole Ladet
Updated on 09/10/2013
Published on 05/30/2013

INRA launched a quality policy in 2000 to contribute to scientific excellence, the high level of professionalism of INRA, the attractiveness of the institute and creativity in its research and experimental units. The quality policy is aimed at guaranteeing the accuracy of measurable results and the traceability of research. Since 2005, it has been extended to research support units.

INRA management defined its quality policy in 2000.
For research and experimental units, its main objectives are to guarantee third parties:

  • accuracy of measurable results, by reinforcing metrology and control of methods;
  • traceability of research: in particular for the production of publications, to ensure the continuity and valorisation of know-how, and in certain cases defend intellectual property.

The quality policy is designed and implemented by seeking a synergy with the measures taken for preventing risks to people and the environment.
INRA updated its quality guidelines in March 2013, in accordance with its new scientific priorities for 2010-2020.

Contact: qualite@paris.inra.fr