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The International Centre of Microbial Resources (CIRM), yeast collection in Grignon. © INRA, MAITRE Christophe

Genetic and biological resources

Committed to quality

As a public research institute, INRA is committed to making a large part of its biological resources readily available, and to acquiring recognition as a public resource as quickly as possible. The certification process is underway to grant recognition to the Institute’s research centres as biological resources centres, and is expected to continue over the next few years.

By Communications Department, translated by Inge Laino
Updated on 05/29/2018
Published on 06/13/2013

INRA has taken steps to initiate a quality-control procedure based on the ISO 9001 standard for the management of its collections. ISO 9001 certification has already been granted to: the French national Plant Genomic Resource Centre (CNRGV); the Biological Resource Centre for the Genomics of Economically Important Domestic Animals (CRB @Bridge, integrated into CRB-Anim); the five collections of the International Centre for Microbial Resources (CIRM); and the BRC for the GenoSol platform. AFNOR, the French standardisation organisation, has created a special standard, NF S 96-900, for microbial, plant and animal biological resource centres, which serves as a frame of reference for INRA’s BRCs. Four plant BRCs are certified NF S 96-900 and others have launched the certification process.

INRA is resolutely committed to the efforts of the International Standard Organisation (ISO) to tap into the contributions of this standard, which is specific to BRCs, by promoting it and encouraging recognition at international level.