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The International Centre of Microbial Resources (CIRM), yeast collection in Grignon. © INRA, MAITRE Christophe

Genetic and biological resources

Forest resources

INRA’s collection of biological forest resources are grouped into a single Biological Resource Centre, the Forest Pillar of the French national Agricultural Resources for Research infrastructure (RARe), spread out over three sites: Avignon, Bordeaux and Orleans. About a dozen species, hardwood and resinous, have been identified and are available in different forms: seedlings, seeds, pollens, cuttings, leaves, needles, DNA samples and cell cultures.

Updated on 05/29/2018
Published on 02/20/2018

Created in 2017, the Forest Pillar is based on a broad skillset from different sites and is nourished by knowledge-sharing to constantly improve performance. At the service of the scientific community, it answers its needs with the utmost respect for legal and regulatory  requirements.

The primary activities of the Pillar centre around preserving biological material and associated data, and making them readily available to researchers. The main goal is to guarantee the quality of the biological forest resources available in order to ensure that research carried out based on them is sound and reliable. A web portal listing all available forest resources will soon be launched in order to improve access to the biological material.

The Biological Resource Centre for forests (Forest BRC) brings together some 10 000 samples of 12 forest species in three sites.

Location of INRA’s biological resource collections for forests. © INRA, INRA, Véronique Gavalda
Location of INRA’s biological resource collections for forests © INRA, INRA, Véronique Gavalda

Scientific contact(s):

  • Michel Verger Experimental Unit for Forest Genetics and Biomass - Orléans
Associated Division(s):
Forest, Grassland and Freshwater Ecology
Associated Centre(s):
Val de Loire