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Animal Health Division

Updated on 07/15/2014
Published on 01/18/2010

The Animal Health Division is one of INRA's 14 research divisions. Its main mission is to produce new knowledge and to contribute to the coordination of research in the field of animal health and veterinary public health in France.
The Animal Health Division: missions and scope, areas of research, design, flow chart, budget policy, management team, units and platforms, geographical locations; Projects: national projects, European projects, transversal and incentive joint actions, joint action between INRA and CIRAD, joint projects INRA-AFSSA, joint projects with Institut Pasteur, scientific intelligence, quality policy;  Products: scientific articles, specialised technical articles, Veterinary Research, Partnership: partnership policy, industrial partnerships, socio-professional partnerships.

Type of website: Project websites

Audience: Scientifique