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Fruit and Vine Research Unit

Updated on 07/15/2014
Published on 12/27/2005

The Fruit and Vine Research Unit results from the merging of two stations in Bordeaux in 1995. The research conducted on fruit is focused on the genetic improvement of nine species: some stone fruit species (peach, cherry, domestic plum), nut fruits (walnut, chestnut, hazelnut) and also strawberry, kiwifruit and apple. The aim is to obtain novel plant material of high agronomic quality, producing fruit of high quality taste and processing characteristics. The programmes lead to the creation of new cultivars, fruit varieties or rootstocks. Access to the European Prunus database. Grapevine research in Bordeaux focuses on rootstocks, with the following objectives: resistance to pests and diseases, low conferred vigour, combined with soil adaptation. Presentation, contacts, publications. French version.

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