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Joint Research Unit for Biology of Organisms and Populations for Plant Protection (BiO3P)

Updated on 07/15/2014
Published on 11/14/2008

The Joint Research Unit for the Biology of Organisms and Populations for Plant Protection (BiO3P) studies the processes of adaptation of organisms, populations and communities to their biotic and abiotic environment, including the effects linked to human activities (modifications of agricultural practices, global changes). The research aims at acquiring better knowledge of the biology of plant pathogens (fungi, viruses, bacteria), aphids, nematodes and beneficial organisms (natural enemies, pollinators) and the interactions these organisms may develop together and with their host plant and their environment (soil, climate, human activity). The research is designed toward the setting up and improvement of plant protection methods, taking into account sustainability and respect of the environment.
Research topics, teams, publications, partnerships with growers' associations, education/training, practical information, news, contacts, French and English versions.

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