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Courrier de l'Environnement

The Courrier de l'Environnement website is managed by INRA's Mission for Environment and Society Relations. The Courrier, Abstracts, Rousso's sketches, a Flash survey about the readership. A few words about the Courrier de l'Environnemen...

SITE INTERNET http://www.inra.fr/dpenv/m2e.htm

Acidification in the Vosges Mountains (N.E. France)

A brief look at acidification in the Vosges mountains: understanding the mechanisms in order to find solutions. Scientists have measured that the soils and surface waters in the Vosges mountains are more acid now than thirty years ago. &...

SITE INTERNET http://www.nancy.inra.fr/acidification/menuUK.html

Annals of Forest Science

A multidisciplinary and international Journal (formerly Annales des Sciences Forestières) co-published by INRA and EDP Sciences. Archives can be consulted on-line (free access) 24 months after their publication, starting from 2000. All i...

SITE INTERNET http://www.edpsciences.org/journal/index.cfm?edpsname=forest

BIOGECO - BIOdiversity, Genes & ECOsystems

BIOGECO is a Joint Research Unit associating INRA and the University of Bordeaux I. This unit comprises four research laboratories: Community Ecology, Entomology, Genetics, Pathology. The research activities aim at elucidating the mechan...

SITE INTERNET http://www.pierroton.inra.fr/biogeco/index-en.html

Iper-Retro - Impacts Perturbations on lake food webs - a paleo-ecological approach

The IPER-RETRO project aims at combining paleo-limnological and ecological methods to study the ecosystem-scale responses of four French subalpine lakes (Lakes Aiguebelette, Geneva, Annecy and Bourget) to fish introductions, changes in n...

SITE INTERNET http://www.inra.fr/iper_retro_eng

ECOFOR - Forest Ecosystems

The Public Interest Group on Forest Ecosystems (GIP ECOFOR) was created in March 1993 with the objective of developing research programmes on the functioning of forest ecosystems. It is a coordination unit, composed of fundamental and ap...

SITE INTERNET http://www.gip-ecofor.org/

Fire Star - A decision support system for fuel management and fire hazard reduction in Mediterranean wildland - urban interfaces

European project. The management of wildland-urban interfaces is one of the key-points of wildland fire prevention policy in Mediterranean regions. A decision support system is developed to assist end-users in the assessment of wildland...

SITE INTERNET http://www.eufirestar.org/

Treebreedex - The European forest tree breeding infrastructure network

A working model network of tree improvement towards a competitive, multifunctional and sustainable European forestry. The main aim of this project is to develop at the European level a scientific and technical research framework in fores...

SITE INTERNET http://treebreedex.eu/

The Center for Biology and Management of Populations - CBGP

The Joint Research Unit for Population Management and Biology  (INRA/IRD/Cirad/Agro.M) is located in the Montpellier area. It carries out research in the fields of systematics, genetics and ecology relevant to the management of popu...

SITE INTERNET http://www1.montpellier.inra.fr/cbgp/?q=en

HYPPZ Pest Encyclopaedia.

A database describing major pests (insects, mites, rodents, nematodes, small vertebrates) of crop and fruit trees in Western Europe, a glossary of zoology terms (280 words and concepts) and a table of the crops and fruit trees concerned....

SITE INTERNET http://www.inra.fr/hyppz/