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Other fields of research

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Exploration of Metabolism Platform: from genes to metabolites

The platform "Exploration of Metabolism: from genes to metabolites" is a scientific and technological infrastructure which aims at proposing the concepts, methods and tools dedicated to metabolism studies to the scientific comm...

SITE INTERNET http://www.clermont.inra.fr/plateforme_exploration_metabolisme_eng/presentation

INRA Biotechnology Laboratories

The site gives access to scientific services and on-line databases in the fields of microbial genomics, genetic mapping of cattle, goats, horses and other animal species. (Micado - Microbial advanced database organization).

SITE INTERNET http://locus.jouy.inra.fr/

Applied Mathematics and Informatics Division

The Applied Mathematics and Informatics Division is one of INRA's 14 research divisions. The objectives of the division are to develop new methodologies in different fields of mathematics and informatics covering INRA's major priorities...

SITE INTERNET http://www.mia.inra.fr/en

GrainGenes - The French Grain Server Mirror Site

GrainGenes is a suite of services for the Triticeae and Oat scientific communities, including databases, documents, tools, data files, websites, announcements, curation and community assistance. French mirror of GrainGenes developed for...

SITE INTERNET http://grain.jouy.inra.fr/