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2005 Annual report - cover. © inra

INRA's Annual Report for 2005

This annual report provides an opportunity to present the aims and achievements of the French Institute for  Agricultural Research (INRA) during 2005. It describes the broad variety of scientific discoveries achieved and the improvements which have been made to our global partnerships and alliances, with particular emphasis on our targets for the period 2006-2009.

Updated on 04/09/2013
Published on 07/15/2006
Keywords: annual report

The orientation document for 2006-2009, adopted by the Board of  Directors on October 20, 2005, was the fruit of collective discussions throughout the year, first of all in-house and then opened to all our partners. INRA’s orientations are based on a dual conviction: the need for excellence in research and the importance of the challenges linked to agriculture, the environment and food and nutrition at the national, European and international levels. INRA research is set in a context of sustainable development: changes to farming systems, reduced inputs and the study of emerging diseases, guaranteed consumer access to healthy products and the development of green chemistry.

The French National Research Agency (Agence
Nationale de la Recherche, ANR) which was set up in 2005, has delegated to INRA the management of five major research programmes, focusing on Sustainable Agriculture, Animal Genomics, Plant Genomics, Human Nutrition and GM organisms.INRA works closely with its European partners, both bilaterally and in the context of the European Research Area. In 2005, INRA participated successfully in the 6th Framework Programme, and in collaboration with other European research institutions is now focusing on the challenge of FP7 in 2007.

The Institute is striving to develop numerous partnerships, especially with the principal emerging countries such as Brazil, China and India. INRA is also encouraging collaborative projects with Mediterranean countries. This report emphasizes the key role played by international cooperation in the development of scientific research and provides a general overview of the results achieved by dedicated and professional public-sector researchers. They are working with public policy makers and other scientific partners in the national, European and international communities to tackle the new frontiers of science and its global challenges in response to the concerns of society as a whole. Over the past ten years (1995-2005), ISI has consistently ranked INRA second in the world for its publications in the field of agricultural research. I hope you will enjoy reading this report which testifies to the ongoing research impetus of INRA and its ambitious scientific objectives. These are of importance not only to France and Europe but, it can be hoped, to the planet and all its citizens.

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