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2006 Annual report - cover. © inra

INRA's Annual Report for 2006

This sixtieth anniversary of INRA reminds us that our present image reflects an identity which has developed and constantly evolved over many years. The history of the Institute illustrates the path which leads to knowledge and innovation, punctuated by remarkable personalities, the questions raised by industrial partners and society, fortuitous discoveries and repeated experiments. This year also marks the start of other dynamics: that of the new context for ...

Updated on 04/09/2013
Published on 07/15/2007
Keywords: annual report

... agriculture, food and nutrition and the environment,  that of the theories and technologies which are regenerating our approach to science, that of the legislative framework for French research voted in 2006, and that of Government expectations regarding the Institute over the next four years.
In 2006, INRA acknowledged the need for a global approach to the areas it addresses.  The competitiveness of agrifood markets, the preservation of natural resources, energy problems, the quality of human food and nutrition are all questions which are common to the entire planet.  That is the purpose I wish to give the Institute, which will be achieved notably through our closer partnership with the CIRAD.
In 2006, INRA was involved in more than a hundred European research programmes, welcomed several thousand young people for training through research, achieved major advances in knowledge and innovations and participated in collective expert reports for public decision-makers.
INRA remains the second largest agricultural research institute in the world in terms of its publications in agricultural, plant and animal sciences.
In 2006, efforts were made to broaden its partnerships (both scientific and socio-economic), identify priorities for regional operations and enhance its skills in plant chemistry and innovative farming systems.
We hope that this Annual Report reflects the commitment of our scientists and our ambition to achieve agricultural research of excellent quality which will benefit us all."

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