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2008 Annual report - cover. © inra

INRA's Annual Report for 2008

This Annual Report provides an overview of the advances achieved by the men and women who, on a daily basis, have made INRA the second most important agricultural research organisation in the world in terms of its publications in the fields of agricultural, plant and animal sciences.
Thanks to its scientific results and innovations, its analyses and its global vision, INRA has reaffirmed its intention to respond to complex, mission-oriented questions.

Updated on 07/03/2017
Published on 07/15/2009
Keywords: annual report

Food security, the sustainable management of natural resources subject to the pressures of climate change, and the adaptation of farming systems, are its driving forces.
In 2008, INRA's activities particularly reflected its openness to the international community, with:

  • a growing number of innovative products,
  • increased participation in European projects and greater cooperation with its European counterparts,
  • modernised infrastructures for the management of biological resources and for agrienvironmental observations and experimentation,
  • the coordination of actions with CIRAD focused on the major challenges facing world farming and food.

More than ever, INRA aspires to provide a substrate for collective creativity at the service of the planet and mankind."
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