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2012 Annual report (English version) - cover. © INRA

INRA's Annual Report for 2012

The 2012 Annual Report unveils a "noble, useful and universal" science, as claimed by François Houllier before the Parliament prior to his appointment as President and CEO of INRA by the Council of Ministers.

Updated on 07/03/2017
Published on 07/22/2013

Noble because scientific research has a broad scope and aims to understand systems in all their complexity, decipher underlying mechanisms and reveal the consequences of their inner workings. A pursuit that is rooted in excellence and originality in research and INRA’s research teams, who worked year-round on ambitious and creative projects in the Institute’s divisions and within the framework of metaprogrammes.

Useful because scientific research seeks to address the many and varied needs of society and challenges of tomorrow. INRA’s approach is and has always been to work hand in hand with public policy makers, promote the transfer of technologies, encourage innovation and forge ever more and stronger partnerships with agricultural players and ground-breaking businesses, with a view to developing new pathways — agroecology, bio-economy, health and the environment — whose scientific implications were alluded to in the Institute’s 2010-2020 orientation document.

Universal and responsible because the subject of INRA’s research concerns all our fellow citizens, and because public research belongs to everyone. Universality within the Institute, where the collective effort of our research teams is a defining characteristic, but also stretching beyond borders, with international partners who have joined in the pursuit of a common good for the whole of mankind. Universal thanks to the participation of ordinary citizens in scientific research and a new website that is reshaping the way we share knowledge gained from agricultural research.

(Extract from the Editorial of François Houllier)

2012 Annual report (PDF, 4 MO)