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2016 Annual Report. © INRA

2016 Annual Report: taking agricultural research to new levels

2016 was an intense year for INRA. It was marked by the celebration of its 70th anniversary, a record number of scientific publications and co-publications with our partners throughout the world, the arrival of a new president and a focus on 2025, with the adoption of a 10-year strategic plan.

Updated on 09/20/2018
Published on 06/14/2017

The 2016 annual report reflects a new ambition for agricultural research.

Looking ahead to 2025

In 2016, INRA defined a 10-year strategic plan. According to Philippe Maugion, INRA President: "When it comes to rising to the new challenges of agricultural research, INRA has clearly-defined priorities. The stakes are high: contribute to world food security while respecting the planet and its inhabitants. Working with INRA teams, I finalised the new orientation document [...and] I met with our INRA colleagues to present our vision for #INRA2025 (2025.inra.fr/en) at the general assemblies held in each of the Institute’s 18 centres. What struck me most from the discussions I had with laboratory staff and experimental services and units was the collective pride of the men and women that make up the INRA family. For 70 years and counting, it is they who are pushing the boundaries of knowledge, offering solutions and innovating in the name of the general good. I hope the decisive impact and creativity of INRA shine forth on the following pages, which this year are organised around key challenges to reflect the Institute’s commitment to society."

   A record-breaking year

2016: never before has the Institute published more in a single year. "On the basis of its recognised scientific excellence, one of INRA’s missions is to propose new solutions to socio-economic partners and society at large. It is therefore with great satisfaction that the Institute received the Carnot label for four entities supported by INRA: 3BCAR, France futur élevage, Qualiment, and Plant2Pro. Simultaneously, the Institute has renewed its transfer policy by defining 17 priority areas of innovation to lend support to companies, in particular start-ups and the smallest businesses who are not usually involved in public research," explains Philippe Mauguin.

Another record, this time international, was broken in 2016: 50% of INRA’s studies were co-published with another country. "As research becomes more and more globalised, the Institute has taken on an active role in the “4 per 1000 for carbon in soils and food security” initiative at the COP22 in Marrakech, in tandem with CIRAD and IRD. On the same occasion, INRA also reinforced ties with European, Mediterranean, American and Asian counterparts in a spirit of scientific cooperation," specifies Philippe Mauguin.

An anniversary

To celebrate INRA’s 70 years, an exceptional communications programme was put in place to highlight the strides the Institute has helped pioneer: 40 events in 17 INRA centres, a travelling exhibition, the book Agromots, a dedicated stand at the International Agricultural Show with 290 researchers on site, and a 3D website (70.inra.fr/en) visited by some 150,000 people and awarded an international prize for best educational site of the year.


Download the 2016 Annual Report

2016 Annual Report

#INRA2025, a global strategy

The orientation document #INRA2025 was approved by INRA's Board of Directors in October 2016.

It is structured around five priority thematic areas:

  • food security in a context of transitions #Global,
  • diverse and multiperformance agricultures #3Perf,
  • agricultural systems in the face of climate change #Climate,
  • sustainable production of healthy food #Food,
  • use of bioresources #BioRes.

and three general policy directions

  • participating in the digital revolution #OpenScience,
  • establishing new ties with all partners #OpenINRA,
  • changing to achieve its objectives #Support.

and five action plans

> on the web: 2025.inra.fr/en

70 years in 2016

On 18 May 2016, INRA celebrated its 70th anniversary. Celebrations began on the INRA stand at the Paris International Agricultural Show with a space reserved for "1946-2016: A Look Back" and the book Agromots which takes a close look at 70 notions to understand food, agriculture and the environment. The show went on with a 3-D website 70ans.inra.fr/en specially designed for the occasion: it highlights the important dates, events, progress and people that have marked the history of INRA. On www.inra.fr/en, you can discover other historical milestones.