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Charter for INRA research infrastructures

Charter for INRA research infrastructures

Research infrastructures are key elements in INRA's strategy. The Charter for INRA research infrastructures focuses on six values: openness, sharing, transparency, access to data, economic sustainability and compliance.

Updated on 05/11/2017
Published on 10/20/2016

An overall coherent strategy

Research infrastructures (RIs) support major scientific, technological and organisational challenges in agricultural, environmental and food sciences. INRA has launched a process to organise its research facilities according to an overall strategy that is consistent with national and European roadmaps for Research Infrastructures. 

The Charter for INRA research infrastructures lays out the principal characteristics expected of INRA research facilities, whether they are experimental units and facilities, biological resource centres, observatories, analytical platforms, technological research platforms or any other entity that produces and distributes biological material and/or produces and processes data. This charter should be regarded as a tool for progress, innovation and modernisation of research facilities, rather than a strict framework describing criteria for eligibility and INRA funding.