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In 2016, INRA will celebrate 70 years. A story worth discovering!

On 18 May 2016, INRA will celebrate its 70th birthday! This red-letter year kicked off at the International Agricultural Show with a Retrospective and the publication of Agromots, a book presenting 70 key notions for understanding food, agriculture and the environment. Visit our dedicated website for an overview of the momentous moments that have marked the history of the Institute: dates, events, scientific breakthroughs, important figures, etc. Events will be organised in each INRA centre throughout the year to mark the occasion.

The public is informed by INRA scientists, engineers and technicians on the INRA stand at the 2016 International Agricultural Show. © INRA, MAITRE Christophe
Updated on 06/12/2017
Published on 02/24/2016

The celebration of INRA’s 70th birthday kicked off at the 53rd International Agricultural Show. This year, the theme of the show was “Agriculture and Food for People”. The platform “1946-2016, a Retrospective of 70 years of research and innovation” at the INRA stand invited visitors to embark on a journey through time to discover the research, innovations and major scientific breakthroughs that have marked INRA’s history. In an arch dedicated to the major chapters of the INRA story, tactile screens featuring different themes (plants, animals, climate) and topics (important figures, discoveries, etc.), brought the major scientific events of the past 70 years in agricultural research to life, at the simple touch of a hand.

But the journey didn’t end with the Agricultural Show. It continues on our website (http://70ans.inra.fr/en) specially designed for the Institute’s 70 years. INRA was founded in 1946 in response to a pressing social issue at the close of the second world war. It’s mission? “Feed France”. Today, the Institute conducts research in three major fields that are inextricably linked: food, agriculture and the environment. Its mission went from feeding France to sustainably feeding the world. So you think you know INRA? Did you know that the first micro-computer was invented in 1973 at the request of one of the Institute’s labs? That the Gariguette strawberry is the fruit of public research? That the scientific director of Environment was awarded the collective Nobel Peace prize in 2007 for his participation in the IPCC? 

1946-2016. INRA celebrates its 70th anniversary: click to see the website of the event.... © INRA
1946-2016. INRA celebrates its 70th anniversary: click to see the website of the event... © INRA

Agromots, a book specially written for INRA’s 70th anniversary, presents 70 key notions for understanding food, agriculture and the environment. It addresses questions and conundrums about the complex and fascinating world we live in, and helps readers gain a global perspective of what is at stake when it comes to food, agriculture and the environment, on a daily basis and more broadly, for future generations. > Find out more

Visit www.inra.fr to discover other interesting facts and figures of INRA’s history, notably:

  • A selection of milestones that continues to grow throughout the year. > Historic moments
  • The people of INRA, portraits of the men and women who have shaped the Institute. > Portraits
  • Image archives. > Media
  • Events throughout France in 2016. > Agenda
  • Quiz: Test your knowledge of INRA’s research and major innovations. > Take the quiz