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2016: we’re growing your future

INRA wishes you the very best for 2016! This year, the Institute is celebrating 70 years of research and innovation in the service of people. Seven decades of scientific study that has pushed the boundaries of knowledge, often with tangible results in everyday life.

2016: Your future is our culture. © INRA, Arnaud Veldeman
Updated on 07/03/2017
Published on 12/23/2015

70 years of research

Over the past 70 years, the world has been reaping the benefits of INRA research, the first and foremost of which is economic. Studies on animal and plant selection, for starters, have played a key role. The institute is also getting results when it comes to human and animal health, through studies on bisphenol A, scrapie and anti-parasitic drugs, to mention just a few. The scope of influence extends to the environment (research on bees), public policy (pesticides, bisphenol A) and the development of territories (numerous studies on quality products and labels of origin). Sometimes, popular products are born of these efforts, like the famous Gariguette strawberry, Ebly pre-cooked wheat grains, and many more.

in the service of people

The institute’s extensive research has contributed to reshaping people’s everyday lives. But don’t take our word for it; come and see for yourself at the International Agricultural Show in Paris from 27 February to 6 March 2016. This will be the first in a series of events to celebrate INRA’s 70th anniversary, after an initial kick-off at the 10th edition of the INRA Awards on 8 December 2015, held at Paris’ Grand Palais before an audience of more than 400 strong. Other events will be held in INRA’s 17 regional research centres throughout 2016.

Agricultural research also means exploring new worlds, like those of the micro-organisms that inhabit our soils and make up our digestive tract. There is vast knowledge to be gained and shared in this field. Researchers also continue to persevere in the constant struggle against major animal epidemics and their links to human epidemics. Lastly, scientific study furthers our understanding of climate change. As the COP21 drew to a close in Paris, INRA took pride in bringing its expertise to the table and joining forces with partners to propose solutions.

The Institute is always looking for new ways to put science to work for people: improved preventive nutrition for better diets; adapting crops and livestock to climate change; designing more sustainable agricultural and breeding systems to boost production; and lastly, developing food products, bio-materials and bio-energies for a better tomorrow and smarter consumption.

INRA is proud of the strides it is making, and ready to take on new challenges. For the past 70 years and counting, through research and innovation, we’re doing nothing less than growing your future.