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INRA wishes you all the best for 2017

In order to help feed the world sustainably through to 2025, INRA intends to pursue research with a view to advancing knowledge and spurring innovation. In 2017, the Institute will implement its strategic orientations for 2025, geared toward concrete action and finding solutions to global challenges.

Updated on 07/03/2017
Published on 12/20/2016

A profoundly-changing world… According to INRA’s Orientation Document, “In the early stages of this new century, food systems are facing unprecedented challenges in the history of Humanity, both at local and global levels, in terms of their variability, scope and interconnections. […] Keep climate change in check, reduce food insecurity, ensure energy transitions, build the agricultural systems of tomorrow, prepare Open Science and Big Data… agricultural research throughout the 21st century must rise to these extraordinary challenges”.  

INRA is ready and able to meet those challenges. On 13 October 2016, its Management Board adopted the Orientation Document 2025. The Institute is committed to finding solutions in five top scientific priorities: global food security, multi-performance in agricultural systems, climate change, food systems and bio-resources. Three general policy drivers have also been identified: OpenScience, OpenINRA (reaching out to academic and professional partners, and to society as a whole) and research support. This strategy is built on five operational action plans designed to mobilise all stakeholders: human resources and communication, cooperation with higher education, innovation, European and international strategies, and International scientific foresight.

On behalf of INRA and the 10,000 men and women who make up the INRA family, Philippe Mauguin, President of INRA, extends his sincerest wishes “to the scientific community and to all of the Institute’s partners for a happy new year 2017, full of creativity, innovation and solidarity”.

Document d'orientation 2025 : couverture en carré. © INRA

#Inra2025: an action-oriented strategy

Discover, step by step, the strategic orientations of INRA and the commitment of INRA teams in research and collective organisation…

#Inra2025 site > (English version online by end of January 2017)

Discovering exciting new microbial worlds!

The microbial worlds that populate our soil and intestines play a key role in diet, health, the environment and agriculture. INRA researchers are studying these exciting new worlds and discovering how they work and what they do…

To learn more, come visit us at the INRA stand at the International Agricultural Show in Paris from 25 February to 5 March 2017:
INRA at the 2017 International Agricultural Show >

What’s hidden in the INRA 2017 greeting card?

This is a photograph of intestinal villi that are home to our “microbiota”. Intestinal microbiota is an ecosystem that acts as the interface between the food we eat and our bodies. It is an organ in its own right and has revolutionised science and medicine (photo: small intestine villi, enlarged 114 times; a microbiota hot spot). For ten years and counting, INRA has been the leading the world in global research on human intestine metagenomics, and has published extensively on the subject. #Food.