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Bioeconomy 2020 - 2050

This symposium, organised by INRA and the French Ministries in charge of Agriculture and Research, was relayed by live tweet with the hashtag #bioeconomy on the @Inra_Intl account (and #bioéconomie on the @Inra_France account) from 9 June to 10 June.

Colloque Bioéconomie 2020-2050, organisé par l’Inra et par les ministères en charge de l’Agriculture et de la Recherche les 9 et 10 juin 2015.. © INRA, C Maître
Updated on 06/30/2015
Published on 06/08/2015

The symposium "Bioeconomy 2020 -2050: the challenges of the agricultural, food and energy sectors" focuses on two issues:

  • How will bioeconomy be able to provide sustainable responses to human needs?
  • How can the transition towards a sustainable bioeconomy be conducted in the next decades, based on traditional sectors (agriculture, food, wood-energy, forest) which need to be revisited, restructured or reoriented and emerging sectors (chemistry, biotechnology, materials, biofuels) which need to be boosted and better integrated into the economic system?

These issues are addressed during 4 sessions:

  • Session 1: the opportunities in territories from the local to global scale
    Tuesday 9 June
  • Session 2: what effects on the biosphere: is it more virtuous from an environmental point of view? will there be enough biomass for everyone? and climate change?
    Tuesday 9 June
  • Session 3: performances and promises of biotechnologies
    Wednesday 10 June
  • Session 4: the changes of society
    Wednesday 10 June

This symposium is illustrated by examples and is part of the preparation for the French national strategy for bioeconomy.