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2010s: targeted research

By changing the timeframe of its strategic document, INRA’s vision was extended to cover the next ten years (2010-2020). The issues studied are now of global relevance and require long-term planning. This is true from a disciplinary point of view, with the emergence of “new sciences” such as agroecology and predictive biology, and also a management point of view, with agroeconomic issues being included in more widely defined research programmes. For this reason, metaprogrammes involving a wide range of skills were created in addition to the traditional “disciplinary silos,” whose activities are still legitimate. Six major programmes have already been launched: sustainable management of crop health, integrated management of animal health, adaptation of agriculture and forests to climate change, meta-omics of microbial ecosystems, diet impacts and determinants and genomic selection. This strategic document for the 2010-2020 period, entitled “targeted research” for its change in strategy, was adopted by INRA’s Board of Directors on 18 June 2010. It is the result of internal and external debate that took place over almost two years. It sets objectives and will orient dialogue with our partners.