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. © INRA

340 patents, 443 plant varieties and certificates of plant variety rights currently held

Promoting technology-transfer systems

  • 2 industrial biotechnology catalysts: Toulouse White Biotechnology and MetaGenoPoliS
  • 6 joint laboratories shared with small- and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) and mid-market companies
  • 1 joint facility for the development of plant-based proteins (Improve)

Building collaborative research partnerships with the private sector

  • 4 Carnot 3 Institutes: renewable carbon technologies (3BCar), animal health (France Futur Elevage), nutrition (Qualiment), plant production (Plant2Pro)
  • economic intelligence
  • 2 vehicles for innovation transfer (INRA Transfert and Agri-Obtentions)

Establishment of 13 groups focused on livestock and crop industries

  • scientific and strategic monitoring, result sharing
  • communication with private-sector R&D and development-oriented organisations

17 fields of innovation

108 start-ups in 17 years

(figures from 2017)