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Three of the four Carnot Institutes coordinated by INRA. © INRA

Four accredited Carnot 3 Institutes

Experimental flock of sheep with ewes and rams of different genotypes in the Sapinière region of Osmoy, central France. INRA Experimental Unit, Bourges. © INRA, PAILLARD Gérard

France Futur Elevage (Animal Health)

The Carnot Institute France Futur Elevage offers businesses a range of integrated research skills in animal health to foster innovation in the fields of infectious disease, livestock nutrition and welfare, and animal genetics and breeding. It pursues the activities of the Carnot Institute for Animal Health (ICSA) which operated over the period 2011 to 2016.

Updated on 08/12/2016
Published on 09/15/2014

Innovation in livestock breeding that respects animal welfare and the environment is not only an economic challenge, but a matter of public health.
With this in mind, the Carnot Institute France Futur Elevage offers businesses:

  • a network of research labs that aim to foster innovation;
  • easier access to the skill sets of major French research bodies through a single point of contact;
  • professional and prompt service in negotiating and managing contracts.

ICSA skill sets: two areas of research, three areas of application

Carnot Institute for Animal Health. © INRA
Carnot Institute for Animal Health © INRA

Pushing boundaries in infectious disease

  • Cutting back on antibiotics for sustainable livestock breeding. Reducing the use of antibiotics in animal rearing is not as simple as it seems. Researchers in all areas of study and professionals in the field are looking for alternatives to antibiotics.
    Read the report (in French)>
  • Inprest, an experimental facility (enclosed French facility for research on communicable spongiform encephalopathy). INRA has opened an enclosed animal house for the study of prion and emerging diseases in large animals. The new facility is part of an experimental platform for infectious disease (PFIE).
    Find out more about Inprest (in French)>
    Find out more about INRA's Infectiology Platform>
  • Quiz: Infectious diseases
    Test your knowledge (French only)

Pushing boundaries in genetics

  • Animal selection: How? Why? Who? Respond to consumer demand, maintain biodiversity, ensure sufficient production, guarantee animal welfare and the livelihood of farmers – all of these factors come into play in animal selection and breeding.
    Read the report (in French)>
  • Epigenetics and animal rearing: consequences several years out. Living things possess a genome, but also epigenomes. What are these epigenomes? This report offers keys for understanding, and the  recent results of INRA studies in the field of epigenetics in animal breeding.
    Read the report>
  • Quiz: Selection in animal breeding.
    Test your knowledge (French only)>

at a glance

  • Research personnel (FTE): 953, including 130 doctoral candidates (20 under French Cifre grant)
  • 38 patent families and 72 active licences
  • 80 industrial partners
  • Revenues of 10 million euros in joint research