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New scientific priorities for the decade 2010-2020

INRA is the French leading research institute for food, agriculture and environment, with a strong multidisciplinary basis in life, environmental, social and economic sciences. INRA research programmes cover a broad scope and span in the microbial, plant and animal kingdoms, from molecules and cells to whole organisms and to continental ecosystems, from the understanding of individual economic decisions to the modelling of agricultural markets.

Scientific priorities for 2010-2020. © inra
Updated on 07/03/2017
Published on 10/19/2010

Its society-driven vision leads to the engagement around issues of societal importance. For the next decade 2010-2020, seven scientific priorities have been identified, two interdisciplinary priorities,

  •     Predictive approaches in biology,
  •     Agroecology,

four research areas centered on major societal topics,

  •     Integration of the economic, social and environmental performances of agriculture,
  •     Development of healthy and sustainable food systems,
  •     Mitigation of greenhouse gases and adaptation of agriculture and forestry to climate change,
  •     Biomass conversion for chemicals and energy,

and a cross-cutting scientific issue,

  •     World food security and global change.