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Science and society

. © INRA, Bertrand Nicolas
© INRA, Bertrand Nicolas


  • Sciences en questions is a work group whose goal is to encourage the public to think critically about research. To do so, they use organised debates that are posted online, as well as a collection of related published resources.
  • Foresight for Research, Society and Sustainable Development

Citizen science

  • Establishing a new relationship with society
  • Conducting pilot experiments
  • Developing best practices

Developing a scientific, technical and industrial culture

  • Culture centre
  • Partnerships with teaching institutions
  • National Science Day

Communication and dissemination 

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Tripode. © INRA
Tripode © INRA

INRA seeks to foster debate regarding science’s role in society.

Updated on 10/10/2018
Published on 04/01/2012

To contribute to the dissemination of scientific culture

As a public research institute, INRA's mission is to place the knowledge it has acquired at the service of all, in order to provide keys to understanding the living world and contribute to informing all citizens, particularly young people.

To develop discussion in society about science

In addition to providing information and training, INRA has a duty to inform the ongoing debate on the uses and objectives of science. The participation of citizens or representatives from different components of society (associations, unions, professional organisations, elected bodies, etc.) in developing research questions, discussing their results and potential applications, monitoring and evaluating innovations and appraising research programmes is necessary for the targeted management of research.