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INRA and the world

. © INRA

The European Research Area

  • programme development: INRA is a participant in 2 joint programming initiatives and 4 ERA-NET Coordination Actions
  • collaborative research
  • shared tools: it has joint research infrastructures
  • training and mobility: it participates in AgreenSkills (programme offering incoming and outgoing research mobility fellowships) & European PEOPLE programmes
  • partners
. © INRA

A strong network of collaborations

  • 28% of INRA publications are produced with co-authors from a European Union (EU) country
  • 30% of publications are produced with co-authors from a non EU country
  • 6 associated international laboratories (LIA)
  • we promote mobility, which is a key part of training excellent researchers (AgreenSkills)
  • 40% of the researchers hired in 2015 came from outside of France
. © INRA

Major global initiatives

  • food security (Wheat Initiative, GAFSR)
  • the study of climate change (GRA, Climate Smart Agriculture, AgMIP)
. © INRA

Partnerships in the Mediterranean region

  • engaged in programmes ranging from ARIMNet to Prima
  • participating in joint INRA-CIRAD efforts
  • building a North African agricultural research community
Picto/Logo IAVFF. © INRA, Véronique Gavalda
Picto/Logo IAVFF © INRA, Véronique Gavalda

 French Institute for Agricultural, Forestry and Veterinary Sciences (IAVFF)

a broad research community and a national portal for international-level work in the agricultural and veterinary sciences




(figures from 2015)
JPI: Joint Programming Initiative
ERA-Net: European Research Area Network