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Promoting ethics and a code of conduct

INRA produces knowledge that is made available to the general public and that can drive innovation; it also provides expert assessments for both public and private decision makers. In all the roles it plays, it is tasked with serving society’s general interests.

Ethics Committee

Professional Ethics
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Promoting ethics and a code of conduct

Updated on 05/10/2019
Published on 06/25/2013

As a public institute that mobilises research and research support bodies, INRA fulfils its responsibility toward the common good by prioritising relevant and useful research that brings quality results across the board. This requires examination of the ultimate goal of the Institute’s research programmes and projects, an ethical review that is complex and demanding, though far from an exact science.

Ethics is first and foremost a willingness to take into consideration a variety of viewpoints on one issue, in order to choose from a range of possible solutions informed by this diversity. The Institute’s Ethics Committee, a place of vigorous debate, relies on a multidisciplinary approach to examine topics proposed by INRA, CIRAD and IFREMER from an ethical standpoint. By adopting a long-term perspective and addressing uncertainties, the role of the Ethics Committee is not only to inform policy making, but to encourage all communities to subject research projects to an ethical review from the moment they are proposed.

The Ethics Committee strives to distinguish the ethical review from the scientific process itself. That is why its starting point is not one of conviction, but of responsibility, with scientific know-how at the core of all decisions.

INRA is committed to providing benchmarks to personnel so that the common good remains the end goal of all endeavours. Staff are encouraged to make impartiality and exemplary conduct a priority by adhering to a code of conduct in the accomplishment of the missions entrusted to them.