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Training future scientists

Training future scientists. © INRA
Training future scientists © INRA

INRA has encouraged ties between institutions of higher education and agricultural, veterinary, and forest science research centres; the results of these collaborative efforts are disseminated worldwide

  • IAVFF (French Institute for Agricultural, Forestry and Veterinary Sciences)

The institute has forged relationships with institutions of higher education

  • Idex Paris Saclay
  • Idex Toulouse
  • Idex Bordeaux (as a partner)

It encourages research mobility and international collaborations

  • 6 international bilateral research partnerships (“laboratories without borders”)
  • Each year, INRA welcomes more than 1,800 PhD students (from France and abroad), as well as the equivalent of more than 130 full-time teacher-researchers

It spans 11 metadisciplines. The top 3 are

  • Population biology/Ecology
  • Medical Sciences, Veterinary Sciences, Physiology, and Nutrition
  • Molecular Biology and Genomics

INRA promotes ethical behaviour

  • Opinion 6 of the Ethics Committee

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Tripode. © INRA
Tripode © INRA

INRA cooperates with higher education establishments to host and train future researchers.

Updated on 06/19/2018
Published on 04/01/2012

Since 1998, the Institute has multiplied its partnerships with higher education establishments, and particularly universities. Such partnerships in the context of Joint Research Units have encouraged the participation of INRA researchers and engineers in teaching and increased the Institute's capacity for training doctoral students. The closer involvement of INRA in doctoral schools is a high priority. The aim is to train students in agricultural disciplines in their broadest sense, and prepare them for research work in the areas of food and nutrition, sustainable farming and the environment. INRA supports these training policies through allocating grants.

Since 2003, INRA teams and researchers have also been involved in the gradual introduction in France of the European standard higher education system (Bachelor's, Master's, Doctorate), and particularly in the development of specialist training for new research-oriented Master's degrees.