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Picto Organisation  Centres. © INRA
Picto Organisation Centres © INRA

Centrally located in different regions of France

  • 17 regional research centres,
    including in French overseas territories
  • 1 head office

Picto Organisation Métaprogrammes. © INRA
Picto Organisation Métaprogrammes © INRA

 Theme based research...

  • 13 scientific divisions

  ... in the form of integrated and interdisciplinary efforts

  • 9 metaprogrammes

  ... and focused on innovation

  • 17 fields of innovation
Picto Organisation  Unités de recherches. © INRA
Picto Organisation Unités de recherches © INRA

A unique combination of tools to
study the life sciences

  • Genetic resources
  • Environmental research monitoring systems (OREs)
  • high-throughput biology
  • industry-oriented pilot projects
  • diverse livestock, such as poultry, cattle, sheep and goats
  • experimental agricultural areas: grains, oilseeds,
    protein crops, vegetables, orchards, vineyards, pastures and forests