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The agricultural world

. © INRA
  • Major national-scale projects
    Ecophyto, Ecoantibio, Ambition bio
  • Scientific Interest Group for Agronomic Innovation
    Reinforcing the links among research, training, and development
    Encouraging the use of innovative production systems
  • Industry-specific scientific interest groups
    PICLeg: production of vegetables
    GCHP2E: production of major crop species
    Elevages demain: future livestock production systems
    Fruits: fruit production
    Piscicultures demain: fish farming
  • Subject-specific scientific interest groups
    Green biotechnology
    Animal genomics (AGENAE)
  • 28 joint technological units and joint technological networks
  • 4th iteration of the PSDR programme—projects in 15 regions
  • Region-specific scientific interest groups, competitive clusters, and Agro-transfert groups

PSDR (pour et sur le développement régional): for and on regional development